Here’s What Jake Paul’s Net Worth Is in 2022

Jake Paul is an American social media star, actor, boxer, and comedian. He is best known for his vine and YouTube videos, including the song “It’s everyday Bro”.

Jake Paul is an American YouTuber with an estimated net worth of $30 million as of 2022. A large section of his net worth comes thanks to his sponsorships and ad revenue.

Net Worth$30 Million
Source of WealthActing, Social Media, Sponsorships
Full NameJake Joseph Paul
Age24 Years
OccupationYouTuber, Actor, Comedian, Music Artist, Model, Boxer
EducationWestlake High School
Date of BirthJanuary 17, 1997
EthnicityAustrian-Jewish, English, German-English, Hungarian-Jewish, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh
Marital StatusUnmarried
ChildrenStormi Webster
Last Updated2022

How Did Jake Paul Acquire His Wealth?

While Jake Paul’s YouTube Channel is extremely popular, he got his start on social media with the app Vine in 2013. While he also had a YouTube channel at the time, he mostly focused only on Vine. This soon skyrocketed as Jake had 5.3 million subscribers on the app and over 2 billion views.

While the earnings from the time aren’t public, Jake did say he was making more money than his parents. Soon he also started uploading to YouTube and most of his videos there included his Vine Compilations. He also got his own show on Disney Channel titled Bizaardvark.

While Jake has been hesitant about revealing his exact income because of legal reasons, his brother made a wild guess on a podcast. Logan stated that his brother made an estimated $10-15K per episode of the show. However, Jake didn’t hesitate to mention that the salary was crumbs compared to his earnings from YouTube.

Jake Paul has stated that he earns an estimated $11.5 million every year from YouTube ad revenue and sponsorships alone.

In 2017, Jake was fired from Disney due to some controversies. The same year, he launched his digital influencer marketing platform titled Team 10 to create and promote entertainment for teenagers. He also released a song titled Its Everyday Bro which gained over 70 million views in just one month.

In 2018, Jake earned nearly $21.5 million from YouTube and became the second highest paid YouTuber of the time. He also started another talent agency titled TeamDom which was aimed at helping new influencers grow an audience.

TeamDom had already gained $1 million in venture capitalist investments in its first year. Paul also makes profits from his sponsorships; however, this has also tied him down into controversies such as when he got a sponsorship from Mystery Boxes and was criticized since they were allegedly a scam.

Jake Paul also began a career in boxing after being inspired by his older brother Logan. He has been in three fights so far, one of them being with fellow YouTuber Deji, while Logan fought Deji’s older brother KSI. The younger brother won the fight against Deji.

His other opponents include the NBA player Nate Robinson, where he made close to about $10 million since he revealed that he made 8 figures but didn’t tell what those figures were. The money does not only come from the fight itself, but also from pay-per-view royalties.

Ever since then, Jake Paul’s net worth has been growing through the roof and he hasn’t had to slow down even once when it comes to showing his appreciation.

Jake Paul at the Variety Power of Young Hollywood Event
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How Does Jake Paul Spend His Money?

Jake Paul isn’t one to shy away from flexing on his fans from time to time with displays of his extravagant lifestyle. The YouTube star moved into a $18K a month rented house in Beverly Grove, Los Angeles along with his creative agency Team 10.

When Jake turned 20, he had spent $7 million on a mansion in Los Angeles which was on a 15000 sq ft plot of land. The mansion has a swimming pool, 8 bedrooms, and a garage for 26 cars. However, before beginning his boxing career, Paul sold the house at a loss for $6 million and moved to Miami.

He has also had to pay a ton of money due to controversies such as when he had a $2.5 million class-action lawsuit filed against him by the landlord of the Team 10 house. The lawsuit alleged that Jake had trashed the rented house.

He also has an incredible car collection which includes a $165K Lamborghini Huracan Performante, a Rolls Royce Phantom, and a custom-made Tesla estimated at $132K. He also bought a Mercedes G-Wagon for his girlfriend Tana’s birthday which is estimated at $147K.

Jake Paul also bought a Cadillac Deville for his best friend, and a Harley Davidson for his Father. Jake has also never been too shy to party and has had multiple bashes with celebrities like Chris Brown and Bella Thorne. 

Another example of his lifestyle was his famous wedding with Tana Mongeau. The wedding had several parties before the main event, and the main event itself had luxurious decorations such as a wall made of only roses.

The wedding also had a bunch of professional photographers and an entire film crew to record the ceremony for Tana’s reality show on MTV. Speaking of the wedding, Jake bought her a wedding ring worth $300K and an engagement ring worth $125K. They also had their reception at Sugar Factory.

While Jake is certainly a bit eccentric with his spending, all of his money does not go into frivolous behaviors. The YouTuber and professional boxer has also contributed to charity. He is a part of the Make-a-Wish foundation where he can fulfill other’s wishes. Both the Paul brothers have spent a ton of time with the kids in the foundation.

He also once prepared food for 500 homeless people on Thanksgiving. An even more heroic act, which while does not involve spending money but is worth mentioning is when he risked his own life to save 50 people from the floods caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Jake Paul’s Early Life

Jake Paul was born on January 17, 1997 in Cleveland, USA. He grew up with his brother Logan Paul in Westlake Ohio. Jake had a fairly normal childhood with the exception of the fact that he and his brother Logan would make videos for their father around Christmas.

Soon when the app Vine launched in 2013, the Paul brothers started posting videos there and by the time it got discontinued, Jake had 5.3 million followers there which later switched to YouTube. After getting famous on both Vine and YouTube, Paul was hired by Disney in 2015 for starring in his own show.

Jake made regular uploads on his YouTube channel which were mostly just vlogs that described his life. However, things got a little out of hand when he released his address online and also had over-the-top parties with his creative agency Team 10 which caused neighbors to complain about them.

As a result, Jake was fired from Disney and had to start working on his personal brand. He matured greatly since then and has now entered the professional boxing career while challenging MMA legends like Connor McGregor. We can’t wait to see where the 24-year old star takes his career and life next.

YouTuber Jake Paul
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Jake’s Career Highlights

  • Joined Vine in 2013
  • Starred in Bizaardvark in 2015
  • Invited to the White House in 2017
  • Launched Team 10 in 2017
  • Amateur Boxing start in 2018

Who is Richer Jake Paul or Logan Paul?

Jake Paul is $2 million richer than his older brother Logan Paul.

How Much does Jake Paul Make in a Day?

Jake Paul’s estimated earnings per day from ad revenue alone are $7,500.

Where does Jake Paul Live?

Jake Paul currently lives in his mansion in Miami.

Jake Paul is a man of many talents, and one who got extremely lucky to be making millions from what he loves. He is an eccentric social media personality and a YouTube star which gives him a relatable vibe for young viewers around the world. After accounting for Jake’s assets and income, his estimated net worth in 2022 is $30 million.